Easy Riders

On 15th June. We cycled from Maghull thro’ Jubilee woods, joined the canal at Netherton then went via Rimrose Park to Crosby Marina for coffee.
Suitably rested and refreshed we then rode along Marine Drive and joined the prom at the baths and followed the coastal path to Hightown then travelled back by train.
We aim to cycle 10 – 12 miles plus any mileage at start and finish. There are currently 11 in the group though we normally average about 7. Rides nomally start at 10 am every Monday.
Anyone interested in joining the group should contact John Ramsden on 526 5031 or at the Family History table during coffee mornings. John Ramsden


Welsh Group celebrate St Davids Day

Noson Dydd Gwyl Dewi
Mae’r gr?p Cymru bob amser yn chwilio am reswm i gynnal parti ac yn ddiweddar roedd gennym ddau reswm gwych.  Yr adeg yma bob blwyddyn rydym yn dod at ei gilydd i ddathlu Dydd G?yl Dewi ond eleni mi wnaethom benderfynu dathlu’r ffaith bod Cymru wedi ennill Cwpan y Chwe Gwlad am yr ail flwyddyn yn olynol!  Rhoddodd hynny’n thema rygbi i’r noson fel y gwelwch o’n lluniau.

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The July garden

Norman  49kbmugshot

Hello everyone . July I think may be the start of summer if you can believe the weather men but it does look promising. Watering of the pots should continue on a daily basis, don’t allow the pots to dry out. In the borders I don’t normally water the ground as it can encourage roots to come to the surface for moisture then you will be forever be out with the hose. If you grow plants in window boxes, hanging baskets, tubs or any other container make sure they are well looked after. Once in flower and growing well, they will need liquid feeding. I do mine at least once a week. Another important job is to deadhead as this will encourage a longer flowering period. Removing faded flowers of delphinium’s and lupins  will encourage another show of flowers .

This month is ideal to take cuttings and propagate hydrangeas and  shrubs. Remember softwood tip cuttings can be taken early summer from  new unripened stems, hardwood cuttings in middle summer Autumn and root cuttings in winter when the plant is dormant.

Tomatoes will need feeding now with plenty of water. I planted a bucket up with a tumbler tomato and placed on a hook I cannot  believe how well it has grown and produced a big crop of  tomatoes. Another of my favourite salad crops is rocket –  so easy to grow with a lovely peppery taste. I use scissors to cut of what I need and it just grows back. I am told its full of vitamin C .

The Lawn will be needing some tender care especially if the hot weather continues. I have been watering late evening to keep the grass growing. When mowing, keeping the cutter high this ensures a nice lush lawn.

A lot of U3A members have been asking when I am going to open my garden. I have decided to cancel it this year but hope to open next year. I have missed the event but I feel the garden needs a makeover.  I have posted some photos of the garden as it looks now.





Our Nordic Walking group has been meeting regularly on Monday evenings throughout the summer months.  The walks around the Lydiate countryside, using footpaths and lanes, have been most enjoyable as we have been lucky with the weather so far.  Our walks have now been included in the Sefton Active Walks magazine.


Please note that there will be a Nordic Walking Desert Challenge, on Saturday, 31st August, 2013, starting at Birkdale Beach and finishing at Formby Train Station.  Start time: 11:0am  Lunch stop: 12:30pm approx.  Distance: 10 miles (3.5 – 4 hours).  It is organised by Sefton Active Walks to celebrate 10 years of their newsletter.  It is free and is open to all qualified Nordic Walkers.