The group are still meeting every Monday night, for our 1 hour evening walk around the Maghull area.  Whilst not everyone likes to go out walking in the dark, on a winters night, we try to walk on well lit streets and flat surfaces, where possible.  The weather has been better than can be expected for this time of year and we have only been wet once so far.  Some of the group have now bought head lamps and are wearing high visibility jackets, or light coloured clothing for safety.

For those who do not like walking in  the dark, I am planning some additional 1 hour daytime walks around the Maghull area.  These walks will be advertised at coffee mornings and to the group by e mail, as and when available.



Some of the Monday evening group, suitably equipped.

Some of the Monday evening group, suitably equipped.


A Taste of Wales

Never has ‘it’ll be alright on the night’ been more true! The pathway to our performance was littered with catastrophes – one after the other. We had major problems with the technology that was needed to support our bilingual venture. PCs didn’t like each other, printers crashed, DVDs failed, cables malfunctioned, programs didn’t perform and our cast kept dropping by the wayside! Continue reading