Anthoney Gormley

We are happy to accept an offer of free tour

on works of Anthony Gormley, at the Atkinson Gallery Southport

Must book in at desk as places are limited.

Meet at venue 1.15 pm WED 21st October

See Maureen or Marj. at Art Appreciation desk Tuesdays



to all who have sent me such lovely cards, with their supportive and thoughtful messages, flowers, gifts and prayers, on the occasion of Tony’s very sudden and devastatingly sad death.  You have all been so kind.  It was really uplifting to see so many at Church – Tony would have been  so pleased  that there was so much esteem and respect for him and Tim, my Grandchildren and myself felt very moved.  So many thanks once again. See you soon  Kindest Regards to all Marj xx

Group Leaders’ meetings

Group Leaders’ Meetings
The next round of Group Leaders’ meetings will take place on the 13th and the 20th of October at 11:30.  As usual the Cerebral group and the Outings group will meet on the 13th with the Practical group and the Physical group meeting on the 20th.  Any Leaders unable to attend on their given day may attend any of the other meetings.  Agendas will be sent out by email in September.

Global Warming


Discussion group welcomes  new members or visitors to their next meeting:

Thursday 24th September 13.30,  Melling Tithebarn, Melling Tithebarn, Tithebarn Lane, L31 1EE  (Round the corner from the Bootle Arms pub.)


Subject for debate is Global Warming – Man-made or Natural? 

Bert Dowell in the chair. Come and have your say over a cup of tea/coffee in a friendly atmosphere. Entrance £1 includes refreshments

Contact Brian Leach, Leader, for more information Tel.  284 8454

Foodie group at Red House

foodie group having a meal in the Red House

foodie group having a meal in the Red House

The foodie group and friends decided to try the Red House for lunch.  Vinny has taken over as the chef and prides himself on using fresh produce.  He came out and introduced himself and made the group feel very welcome.  Thursday is steak day, so six of the group had the steak deal, which is 2 steaks and a bottle of wine for £15. The steak was served with onion rings, chips, peas, and tomatoes. So three bottles of wine on the table for starters!!!!.  Others tried fish and chips, lasagne, scampi,and hunters chicken.  One of the group tried syrup pudding and custard which was great, and large enough for most of of us to have a sample.  We finished up with coffees.  We split the bill which including tip was £10 each, which everyone agreed was very good value.

We asked about doing a meal for the Nordic walking group for Christmas, Vinnie suggested

  • sandwiches
  • sausage rolls
  • chicken wings
  • chilli con carne serves with coconut and lemon rice
  • scouse  with toasted bread rolls

This would cost £5 which includes a tip. So other groups could join in if they wished, some of the foodie group have already shown interest.  The manager would give us the whole lounge and there would be plenty of room for groups to split up if they so wished.  Just an idea. Brenda





On Monday, 5th October 2015, our Monday night walks will move back to Maghull for the winter. We will be meeting on the car park of Maghull Baptist Church, the same as last year, at the usual time of 6.30pm. The circular walks will be reduced to 1 hour, including exercises and will take place on the footpaths of the well lit roads of Maghull. Please wear light coloured clothing, high-visibility vest or jacket and/or carry a light if you can for safety reasons. Continue reading

French Groups

French Groups plans for September / October 2015
Monday Group

Starting on September 14th this group will transfer to St Georges Roman Catholic social club in Station Road. They are keen to offer us accommodation in the club lounge. Members will probably have plenty of summer holiday experiences to share. That will mean skilful use of different tenses relevant to actions carried out or choices people would have made if circumstances had been different. So come back please refreshed with a selection of grammatical structures! Continue reading