French for Beginners


New French course for Beginners

Thursdays 10:00 am

St Georges Social Centre

Station road Maghull

Leader Marie Bramwell 526 6653

Places are now limited due to demand – please contact Marie if you are interested.


French Groups

French Groups plans for September / October 2015
Monday Group

Starting on September 14th this group will transfer to St Georges Roman Catholic social club in Station Road. They are keen to offer us accommodation in the club lounge. Members will probably have plenty of summer holiday experiences to share. That will mean skilful use of different tenses relevant to actions carried out or choices people would have made if circumstances had been different. So come back please refreshed with a selection of grammatical structures! Continue reading

FRENCH GROUPS, Language and History

From Tuesday September 11 we will be starting a new course entitled “Modern France”, but in English, at Kensington House, Station Road, starting time 2.30 p.m.   The new group will meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays each month.   This will replace the French Political History course that has been running at St. Peter’s church for some years.   The title “MODERN FRANCE” could cover practically anything that happens across the Channel.   We will start with regional differences (Paris and the French provinces), social and cultural trends, the political system, economic modernisation, ideas that have shaped French patterns of thought and France’s involvement in European unification.  Whatever aspect of post-war French life you might like to explore, we will encourage you to do.  So if you love France and want to share some of her qualities with friends, come along to Kensington House on September 11 for the first exploratory meeting.   The venue is comfortable and you could make it exciting!  Try to get John Ardagh’s superb book, “FRANCE TODAY” by Penguin.  Very cheap but you won’t put it down once you start.

Language Courses

The Monday group will resume sessions in Kensington House 2.00-4.00 p.m. on September 10.   On present plans we will meet on each of the remaining Mondays in September, although not on October 1st.  We are looking forward to hearing (in French!) members’ summer holiday experiences.   That should supply a lot of thematic material to be exploited in taught sessions.   Thereafter we will continue to use “French Grammar in Context” by Margaret Jubb & Annie Rouxeville.

The Wednesday group will resume meetings at Hudson Primary School, Moorhey Road, on September 12 from 2.00-4.00 p.m.  We also expect to meet on September 26.  No meeting planned for September 19 because of a “rival” focus on French life at Liverpool University that afternoon.  Let me know if you’d like to learn more!   Again, as for the Monday group, there should be lots of summer holiday news for us to share in even better French than before our summer break.

David Ward, tel: 526-5071

French Group of the Week

Many, many thanks to everyone who contributed so colourfully to our “French Group of the Week” exhibition on May 8,  A wonderful way to celebrate VE day, a date that was totally ignored on our side of the Channel.   So many wonderful photos, cards, maps, brochures and pictures of famous French personalities.   Having some people in our group who actually own property in France is now a great advantage.  They bring us so much new local material.   I haven’t even mentioned the delicious nibbles!   So thank you all once again……..readers who are not yet members of any of our French groups, you may have noticed there was not a single sign displayed that said “Danger!” or “Non aux Anglais!”   Variety is the spice of Gallic  life.    As it is in the whole of our U3A.  So I can’t really say “Vive la différence!”

David S. Ward