Speaker meeting 1st March 11-12md

The first of our monthly speaker meetings will take place next Tuesday, 1st March, between 11am and 12md in the sanctuary.

Dr Josh Macauley will be discussing dementia; including how to keep the mind active, recognition of symptoms that might warrant a discussion with your GP, and ways in which the community is working together to create a “dementia friendly town” here in Maghull.

This will be an informative event, with nothing discussed which may cause concern. Entry cost is £1.

Please support this informative event.

Marg Kendall


Monthly Speakers

A new series of Monthly speakers starts again 1st March, 2016

These will take place on the 1st Tuesday of each month, between 11am and 12 in the Sanctuary. Admission is £1.00 per person to cover speaker expenses.

A varied list of speakers has been complied with topics to appeal to different tastes. Continue reading