‘The Producers’

The Theatre Group, took a number of members to the Empire Theatre, Liverpool, on 1st June 2015,to see “The Producers”

The show was brilliant, well choreographed and extremely funny.

John Mountford, who played the bumbling accountant Leo Bloom was excellent, but, in my opinion,Cory English stole the show.

He played the role of Franz Liebkind, a wily old fox whose plan is to make lots of money by producing a “flop”. Incidentally, he raises the money to produce this show, by seducing mature ladies.

All the cast were great in their respective roles and the scene with a “butch” Hitler singing was hilarious.

There was a fair amount of repartee with the audience and this interaction added to the entertainment.

I recommend this show to all people with a broad sense of humour.

Bob Fish